What makes Nordic Walking different to trekking?

It is all in the poles… unlike when trekking or rambling, Nordic Walking poles are planted behind you in order to propel you along. Pushing down, and back, through the straps the poles push you forwards and up. Your upper body muscles and arms are engaged and start to get a workout. With proper tuition the nordic walking poles turn a regular walk into a workout.

With trekking and rambling ‘sticks’ are used for stability and balance.

Can I use trekking poles?

Nordic walking poles are different to trekking poles. They are lighter, they are narrower and most importantly they have a detachable strap which fits snuggly to your hand and wrist. The strap is used to harness the power of the poles and means you don’t ever need to grip onto the handle.

Whilst you are welcome to try and use your trekking poles for nordic walking, you will not be able to master the full technique with them.

I am worried that I am not fit enough.

Nordic walking is suitable for all abilities, ages and fitness levels. If you can walk, then you can nordic walk. The Beginner’s Technique course will give you a good idea of what nordic walking can do for you and will also give your Instructor a good opportunity to suggest which walks are most suitable for you.

We offer Adventure Walks (mixed ability) and Walk Leader *relaxed* Adventure Walks. We also have Monday Motivator Walks which are also suitable for beginners, so there is something for everyone.

What is a Taster Session?

A 60-minute session that will help you understand just how beneficial Nordic walking can be and how it is far more than just walking with poles!

Get a taste of how light you will feel on your feet, how the whole body is mobilised and why you need to take the time to learn the technique.

What is the difference between the different types of walk?

Sherwood Pines and Clumber Park

Sociable, moderately-paced Nordic Walking in stunning locations with a mixed ability group. These nordic walks are led by your Instructor or Walk Leader and enable you to the most of our surroundings and nature. The groups are managed well so that all moderate to high abilities are catered for. What better way to enjoy being active outdoors.

Idle Valley Nature Reserve

These are our kick-start-the-week Motivator walks and are suitable for all, beginners and regular members alike.

RSPB Sherwood Forest

More relaxed ‘hygge’ feel-good sessions take place here. These sessions are aimed at enjoying our environment and absorbing the nature around us, as well as getting a moderate work out.

Walk Leader Wednesday

These walks are led by qualified Walk Leaders Tricia and Liz and cover between 3 1/2 and 4 miles. The pace is noticeably more relaxed than the other walks we do. These walks are suitable for anyone who fancies a gentle nordic walk, but wants to still get in the miles.

Why do I need to do a course?

Nordic walking isn’t just walking with poles, there is a technique and new skill involved. In order to get the most out of Nordic walking it is essential to learn the correct technique over a few sessions. Our Technique course breaks the method down into manageable, key elements which helps the movements to become second nature. The current beginner’s course is 3 x 60 minute sessions.  This learning can be consolidated and reinforced by joining our regular nordic walks.

How many people will there be on a course or walk?

For most beginner’s courses there is a maximum of 6-8 spaces. This helps to keep the group to a manageable size so that 1:1 attention can be given where needed. On regular nordic walks we currently need a minimum of 2 participants, with a maximum limit of 8 on any of the Walk Leader-led sessions and 15 on Instructor-led sessions.

I can already Nordic Walk. Can I join in?

Of course you can! Get in touch and we can send you a health questionnaire to complete. If you want to be sure that you have the full technique required to join in on our regular walks book onto a Technique course session.

What should I wear?

Please dress according to the weather. Flapping coats are not ideal, so consider thin layers. Correct footwear is essential. We recommend comfortable walking shoes or trail shoes with flexible soles, which are ideal. A small rucksack is a good idea and you should always bring a bottle of water. Cross body bags can get in the way of the correct arm swing.

Do I need to buy my own poles?

Poles are available to borrow for training sessions and regular walks, however if you would like advice on purchasing your own poles, we can help. We also have a small selection of poles for sale and can order from our supplier on your behalf.

How much does it cost?

The Beginner’s Technique course, over 3 weeks costs £30.

Adventure walks and Walk Leader Adventure walks are £6.50 for up to 2 hours.

Taster sessions are £6

I can't make any of the training dates

If you have a couple of friends or family members who would also like to learn the nordic walking technique, please get in touch. We can arrange a bespoke training session for you to learn together.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please get in touch.

Tracy Hall is Lead Instructor at Sherwood Nordic Walking and along with Walk Leaders Liz, Tricia and Elaine has regular walks on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as well as once a month on a Saturday at various locations across the area including Thoresby Park, Clumber Park, Langold Country Park, Idle Valley Nature reserve and along the Chesterfield canal.