Why Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a physical activity that is suitable for all. It is a safe, natural, efficient and a suitable-for-all form of physical exercise that trains the body in a holistic and balanced way.

On our nordic walks we not only get a workout, but we can chat along the way. We are active, getting fitter and healthier and making new friends at the same time!

Originally a summer training regime for cross-country skiers Nordic Walking is an enhancement of your natural walking posture. Using specially designed walking poles, similar to ski poles, the Nordic Walking technique makes something we do naturally, twice as effective by engaging 90% of your major muscles! The poles help to engage the core, to work the arms and also propel you forward to walk quicker!



Improves posture

Uses 90% of muscles

Get outdoors

Make new friends


Pressure on joints

Back pain


Stiff joints


Tracy Hall from Sherwood Nordic Walking is proud to deliver the award winning Nordic Walking UK FREEDOM 4 gear programme.