Why Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is becoming a very popular walking activity for fitness, losing weight, feeling healthier and happier!

On our nordic walks we get a workout from even a relatively short walk.

Unlike when walking, Nordic Walking Poles are planted behind you in order to propel you along. The technique means that you naturally engage the muscles of the upper body and arms thereby using 90% of your major muscles, and burning 30% more calories. The forward propulsion promotes an improved posture which can help with back and neck problems. Using the poles correctly means your weight is shared through your arms therefore taking the pressure away from your knees and joints. .

To get the most out of nordic walking it is crucial to learn the correct technique from a qualified Nordic Walking UK instructor.



Improves posture

Uses 90% of muscles

Get outdoors

Make new friends


Pressure on joints

Back pain


Stiff joints


Tracy Hall from Sherwood Nordic Walking is proud to deliver the award winning Nordic Walking UK FREEDOM 4 gear programme.